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POTBS Forums

The Official POTBS Forum page


Jack O'Conners fix for the Bitraider "Malicious Activity" false message. Tested by myself, working 100%
Required for the User Content to be restored if you have this issue.

Customer Service email

Direct link for customer service emails
(Will open your default email client)

Gumworm Mk2

The rebuilt Gumworm Skill builder

POTBS Reddit

Mostly unused, but still active subreddit

The PotBS RvR Bible

Useful Info on the POTBS RvR system and how to play it


Links to useful pages POTBS related

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To contact me about anything on this site, suggestion, questions or whatnot, please either:-

Use the "Contact Me" page

Message via one of the Discord Servers listed on the Discord Servers page, by typing @Casper followed by your message.

Message via the POTBS Official Forums ( Captain Mohag )

Message in Game ( Antigua usually, Roberts rarely ), Just ask if Mohag or Moocow ( or any variation ) is online. PIRATE NATION ONLY (or use local chat to get someone to check) or PM by  "/tell mohag moocow, [message]"