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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you show the ACTUAL port battle times for any given location?

Yes ! There is now a link above the countdown timers, which when clicked will open a page to show you the start time at your location.

There is also a "Mobile Friendly" page for easier viewing on mobiles, link is on the home page

Can you show current live data for contention like the old Armeagle Site?

Again, no. This data is available to the devs of the game, and MIGHT be released at some point ( Called API ), or they might decide to create their own live data system that people can use to check status whilst offline.

Can i request stuff to be added here?

Of course! But so i dont get spammed with silliness, please direct your questions to me on one of the discord servers (link at top of page)

Is this site operated by POTBS?

No. This site is unofficial, and has no affiliation or control by or from Portalus Games, Vision Games or any other entity involved in the development of the game.
It is also not affiliated with the POTBS Forums, and the customer service email link is there purely for your convenience.

How reliable is the data here?

As reliable as i can make it. I will update all timers at least once every 24 hours, unless an emergency occurs and i cannot get to a PC.
All timers are accurate to within 1 minute of the Port Battle START time ( so make sure you get logged on in time to get an invite! )

Timers are showing ! What's happened??

The Port Battle has started/is in progress or has finished, and I havent yet updated the timer to remove it. Dont panic, all is working ok.